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Donkeys Livestock Exotics Buy~Sell~ Rescue CALL OR TEXT 7 DAYS

Donkeys Livestock Exotics Buy~Sell~ Rescue CALL OR TEXT 7 DAYS

Donkeys Livestock Exotics Buy~Sell~ Rescue CALL OR TEXT 7 DAYSDonkeys Livestock Exotics Buy~Sell~ Rescue CALL OR TEXT 7 DAYSDonkeys Livestock Exotics Buy~Sell~ Rescue CALL OR TEXT 7 DAYS

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Need to haul livestock?

2006 Southern Classic 36 ft aluminum low profile trailer

2006 Southern Classic 36 ft aluminum low profile trailer

2006 Southern Classic 36 ft aluminum low profile trailer

Great low pfofile trailer 2006 southern classic $14,750

2006 Southern Classic $14,750

36x7x5'6 low profile 3 cut gates. Custom door on back for hogs sheep goats. Larger items livestock get loaded thru side doors. Aluminum floor, sides can be more in closed for cold weather. Trailer has hinged doors on both sides to cover side openings and slats that screw in in openings. 

Great trailer for mini horses donkeys hogs sheep goats cattle motorcycles!

Aluminum livestock hauler box

2006 Southern Classic 36 ft aluminum low profile trailer

2006 Southern Classic 36 ft aluminum low profile trailer

One of a kind custom made livestock box all heavy duty livestock box $3450

$3450 -New custom made all aluminum livestock box. Great on flat beds or on a trailer. Heavy duty weighs about 400 lbs. One of a kind!

China is killing off the worlds donkeys!

Donkeys are slaughtered for hides. China makes traditional medicine from donkey skin...

China is depleting the world's donkeys!  Kenya just banned the slaughter for hides 24 Feb 2020! Brazil and several African countries banned slaughter of donkeys. 

https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/12/chinese-trade-hides-has-led-global-donkey-massacre re

Geldings available!

We are gelding jacks. Jack's are the most vulnerable to end up in the Chinese Hide trade. So we are gelding as many as possible each year to find them homes. GELDINGS are good pets guardians and horse companions who can't reproduce. We have all sizes and colors of jacks that are being gelded. Just contact me with which jack you see and want as a gelding. We will have him gelded. ($250 at vet) GELDINGS are $475-$675  

Call or text me 229 977 5201

Misc livestock..


Mammoth donkeys jack and jenny available

Mammoth donkeys jack and jenny available


We occasionally have Alpacas. The last has been spoken for so please check back.

Mammoth donkeys jack and jenny available

Mammoth donkeys jack and jenny available

Mammoth donkeys jack and jenny available


Mammoth donkey stock are getting hard to find they are endangered even. The rules for mammoth are Jenny's 54" and jacks 56". These are the type you can ride! This is nice jenny $1500

Nice jack mammoth $1500 

$2900 pair

he breeds horses and donkeys approx 14.3 - 15 hd's a chestnut blonde mane tail very nice gentle jack

Zebu cow

Mammoth donkeys jack and jenny available

Longhorn cow and longhorn x brahma heifer


We have 1 zebu cow available. Not a mini $525

she has a funky horn we will cut off!

Longhorn cow and longhorn x brahma heifer

Longhorn cow and longhorn x brahma heifer

Longhorn cow and longhorn x brahma heifer


Bred longhorns bridle cow and bred white Brahma x longhorn heifer. Pics coming

African geese

Longhorn cow and longhorn x brahma heifer

African geese

Geese are great weed eaters! 2 male African geese. Ill sell them $30 ea or i'll buy your females!

We have 2 males $30 each or will buy your females!

Donkey Care and Info...easiest livestock to tend to!

 You can trim your own donkeys feet if you're strong enough to use the Nippers :-)


 We do not vaccinate but puppies from parvo and give tetanus shots when gelding donkeys other than that I do not vaccinate the donkeys or my horses. 

I used to spend a lot of money vaccinating my animals and then when my horse got West Nile Virus and fell over dead he had been vaccinated his whole life he was 13 years old an Icelandic horse.... then I researched and realize that lots of horses die from West Nile virus that have the vaccine so what's the purpose?  So I do not vaccinate the donkeys or the horses.  I do pull a Coggins test because we are now having equine infectious anemia spreading through our country due to illegal Mexican horse racing.  I also pull a health certificate on all donkeys going to Florida.

If you require vaccines add $50 to each donkey and I will give them vaccines before delivery. It's a personal choice not required by laws so it's up to you. Just let me know when you order your donkeys. 

Hoof care

Donkeys are not horses...they have short more upright hooves. If left unattended they will sometimes grow to the side.  If you have hard enough ground and room to roam they will wear naturally and require few trimmings. But most tend to need a trim 2 to 3 times a year. Donkeys aren't used to hoof care so just don't be afraid and it will go smoothly. 

I make a chute out of round pen panels tie the head in a corner and have someone hold their ear.  Twist the ear lightly and hold it to keep their attention. It's like twitching a horse on the lip....donkeys ignore twitching but their ear gets their attention. As a rule once they get used to farrier they will just stand while you pet them. It doesn't hurt them holding their ear it just holds their attention.  Donkeys do not need shoes....

Herd animals...need their own kind to be happy

Donkeys, goats, sheep, cattle, alpaca, horses etc are herd animals. They need one of their own kind to feel safe, fulfill grooming and play requirements and companionship. Nothing sadder to me than seeing people who keep 1 horse or donkey....with no other equine and when a trailer pulls up the equine are so happy to see another equine they go crazy.  Keep your donkeys and horses happy...give them a partner. No one really likes to be lonely and that goes for donkeys especially. If you break up a bonded pair one will usually die if not both out of sadness.  We have seen it happen.....so we don't separate bonded pairs. 

Feeding your donkeys...dont over do it!

Donkeys require low protein roughage diets. No sweet feed as they can't process sugars and become obese or founder. I'd rather have thin lean donkeys than obese donkeys. 

I feed pasture and grass hay rolls. Occasionally I supplement with low protein livestock pellets or hay pellets NO ALFALFA allowed.  Too high protein. 

Obese donkeys will lose weight at our farm and thin donkeys will gain weight here. Just grass hay rolls is our main diet. Our horses are all ROUND and they are only fed grass hay and pasture. Don't waste your money on processed feeds....Do wild horses or burros require mollassess drenched feed? No....and neither do your equine. 

I have an 18 yr old Paso Fino registered mare we bought was on Senior feed and Timothy Alfalfa hay daily....all she gets here is grass hay rolls.....she looks fat slick healthy. Please don't waste your money or make your equine obese with man made feeds. Grass hay with mineral salt blocks in pasture is what we feed and have no issues with founder obesity or colic EVER in 40 plus years. 

If you want to give your donkeys treats get them carrots or apples cut up.....or Timothy hay pellets for treats.  8% protein is fine.....Alfalfa is 21% protein....too much and many donkeys won't eat it! 

Remember hand feeding treats leads to nippy pushy spoiled animals....try not to create a monster with hand treats.  Put their treats in feeder  and occasionally give by hand or they will become dangerous....all livestock will become pushy this applies to goats sheep horse donkeys cows etc.


Donkeys gestation period is 11-13 months so no one can say accurate dates....Pregnancy is never guaranteed but our Jennys are pastured with jacks usually before we get them and after we get them. If the Jenny came in heat she will get bred. I can't guarantee pregnancy but there is a good chance Jennys can be bred....

When we get Jenny's not exposed to jacks we pen separately so we occasionally have Jenny's we know are not bred.

Housing your donkeys/livestock

Donkeys goats sheep especially don't enjoy rain...or full sun. A simple lean to with a roof is all they need to escape rain and full sun.   IF THEY CHOOSE. Many donkeys will do like horses and stand in the rain rather than seek shelter but offer them a roof anyway. Even trees as shade/shelter will make them happy. 

You do not want to stall your donkeys as they are natural guardians being territorial creatures.....and at night they will help deter predators. So leave your donkeys in the pastures.  Just offer shelter that they can come and go freely. They are smart will seek shelter when they want it.

Donkeys like to dust themselves!

Donkeys like to make a dirt spot to lay in... roll in and dust themselves.  It's part of their habits. It's like a crater they enjoy. So you can expect a crater somewhere in your pasture unless you have sand in areas. They make them in my pastures where we don't have sand..in my Fla pasture they use the sand that's already there in feeding areas. But in my GA pastures they make craters to roll in. This is just part of donkeys life that you need to understand. They aren't trying to make your pasture ugly they just need to dust themselves!

Accepted Payment Forms

We accept cash, cashiers checks, Zelle, and Paypal if you cover their fees $3 per $100

We accept non refundable deposits thru Zelle or PayPal to hold animals until you have fences ready etc. Balance due upon delivery. We will hold for up to 30 days with $ for feed added to price of the animals.

Delivery is based on your address from either of our farms. Which ever is closer. Most deliveries are $150-$250 up to 6 head at a time one pr